Dennerle Plecomenu Herbivore – Insect protein feed


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Dennerle Plecomenu Herbivore – Enriched with Prebiotics and Probiotics, it is the basic food for Plecos and sucking loach


Dennerle Plecomenu Herbivore – Basic food for Plecos and sucking loach

Basic food for catfish that eat algae and plants, especially plecos such as Ancistrus, Peckoltia, Glyptoperichthys, Baryancistrus and Hypancistrus.

Containing natural foliage (mulberry leaves (4%), walnut leaves (4%)), vitamin-rich vegetables (spinach (12%)), crustaceans (2%), insects (15%).

Catfish will happily scrape away at the discs, which are around 12 mm in diameter, just as they would eat in their natural habitat.

Analytical Contents: crude protein 37.9%, crude fat 5.2%, crude fibre 4.3%, crude ash 6.1%, moisture 6.6%

Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances with similar effects: 1500 IU E 671 Vitamin D3

Ingredients: Wheat protein, insect protein from Hermetia illucens, wheat bread flour, spinach (12%), spirulina, wheat flour, mulberry leaves (4%), walnut leaves (4%), salmon oil, brewer’s yeast, potato flakes (2%), Moringa oleifera (1%), water fleas, garlic, freshwater shrimp, chicory inulin, calcium carbonate, stinging nettles (0.5%), melissa (0.5%), fennel, chlorella, aniseed, grape seed flour, artemia, green-lipped mussel, mannan-oligosaccharides, ß-glucans, rosemary extract

Zootechnical additives: Gut flora stabiliser: 1×109 CFU 4d1712 Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM MA 18/5M

Feeding advice: As much as the fish eat within one hour, once a day. Feed nocturnal catfish in the evening.

Packaging sizes: 36g container (item no. 7512), 72g container (item no. 7513)

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