TWINSTAR E Line (Version III) WRGB LED Series (High-Range Tier)


TWINSTAR E Line (Version III) WRGB LED Series Light – Full Spectrum LED, with rich and vivid colors. It is suitable for growing difficult plant species.


TWINSTAR E Line (Version III) WRGB LED Series Light – Full Spectrum LED. For a fish and a planted aquarium.


The Twinstar E Line produces more natural colors from red to green plants. You will see vivid and colorful plants as you have never seen before. The Twinstar E Series offers RGB-W LED lighting with a full light spectrum for rich and vivid colors. In addition, the LED provides the optimum brightness for plant growth. Under the new Twinstar LED the colors of the fish to appear more luminous than ever before. Compared to the second generation, the 3rd generation E line is up to 25% brighter and the RGB LED ratio is increased by up to 20% to make the colors of the plants vivid. Check below for light specifications and tank recommendations. Please ensure that you double check measurements to ensure the light will fit your aquarium. Warranty – 2 years from date of purchase subject to manufacturing defects.

Model Aquarium Size  Glass Thickness Brightness
300EA 30-36cm/1 feet tank 1-10mm 1000lm
450EA 45-55cm/ 1.5 feet tank 1-10mm 1750lm
600EA 60-70cm/ 2 feet tank 1-10mm 2500lm
900EA 90-100cm/ 3 feet tank 1-10mm 3750lm

Detailed Specification:

Packaging sizes: 300EA (item no. TS300EA), 450EA (item no. TS450EA), 600EA (item no. TS600EA) and 900EA (item no. TS900EA)

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300EA – 1 feet tank, 450EA – 1.5 feet tank, 600EA – 2 feet tank, 900EA – 3 feet tank