Discusfood Buffet di Insect – Insect Flake Food

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“Buffet di Insect”Granules in flake form with insects – “2020 High-End” Product!

“Buffet di Insect”Granules in flake form with insects – “High-End” Product!

A complete nutritional extruded food for all ornamental fish species that require appropriate feeding with insects. Especially cichlids, Bettas, Tetras and catfish appreciate the taste and unique composition. It is very easy to digest, soft and does not cloud the water.  Its balanced nutrient, vitamin and mineral content ensures healthy growth and optimal development of the fish.

Composition: insectprotein, wheat flour, wheat gluten, hermetium flour, krill flour, shrimp flour, spinach, maize, tubifex, silkworms, red mosquito larvae extract, brewer‘s yeast, betaine, kale, fish oil, moringa, spirulina, garlic, multivitamin complex.

Analytical components: crude protein 50 %, crude fat 6.5 %, crude ash 6.4 %, crude fibre 2.9 %

Additives per kg: vitamins: A (3a672a) 24000 IU, C (3a300) 180 mg, D3 (3a671) 1800 IU; with colorants; trace elements: Fe (3b103) 29 mg, Mn (3b502) 37 mg, Zn (3b603) 36 mg; with antioxidants

Feeding recommendation: Feed twice to three times daily as much as the fish eat within 3-5 minutes. Do not overfeed the fish! Depending on the size of the food and the type of fish, you can always feed from fry to farmed fish.

Packaging sizes: 65g container (item no. 20059)

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