Dennerle Diskus Soft Granules – Insect protein feed


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Dennerle Diskus Soft Granules – Slowly sinking granules enriched with Prebiotics & Probiotics, it’s the staple food for all Discus fish.


Dennerle Diskus Soft Granules – Enriched with Prebiotics & Probiotics

The nutritious pellets were specially developed for discus fish. Biologically balanced it supplies the “king of the aquarium” with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and omega-3 fatty acid, which it daily needs.

The special softing procedure renders the granules soft as natural food animals. This ensures high acceptance, especially with the often very picky discus fish.

Analytical Contents:crude protein 38.1%, crude fat 7.4%, crude fibre 3.2%, crude ash 5.9%, moisture 8.4%

Additives per kg:Nutritional additives: Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances with similar effects: 676 IU E 671 Vitamin D3

Ingredients: Insect protein from Hermetia illucens (25%), vegetable glycerine, wheat protein, wheat flour, krill (5.2%), cuttlefish powder, spinach, maize, brewer’s yeast, betaine, potato flakes, salmon oil, water fleas, garlic, Moringa oleifera, paprika powder, chicory inulin, freshwater shrimp, calcium carbonate, stinging nettles, spirulina, melissa, fennel, chlorella, aniseed, grape seed flour, artemia, green-lipped mussel, mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), ß-glucans, rosemary extract

Colourings: 50 mg 2a161j astaxanthin, 50 mg 2a161g canthaxanthin

Zootechnical additives: Gut flora stabiliser: 1×109 CFU 4d1712 Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM MA 18/5M

Feeding advice: As much as the fish eat within 1 minute, 2-3 times a day.

Packaging sizes: 90g container (item no. 7521), 450g container (item no. 7522)

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450g, 90g

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Good Quality Product

My altums and discus are munching on this new product from day one. Kudos to team Aqua discus for bringing variety of products for hobbyist to choose from.

Vikram Bhandari
Dennerle Discus

I have been breeding discus since 19 years now and this is one of the best discus food i have come across