Discusfood Bio-ceramic Filter – High Performance Biological Filter


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Discusfood Bio-ceramic Filter – Classic Premium High Performance Biological Sponge Filter with mechanical, chemical & biological layers of filtration system for every tropical fish breeder and hobbyist.


Discusfood Bio-ceramic Filter – High Performance Biological Filter


Three different types of filtration in one filter are the basis for this specialized best filter characteristics.

1. Organic Chemical – The patented air lift ensures an optimal turbulence and an optimal input of oxygen into the water. On the other hand CO2 is degassed in huge quantity.
2. BiologicalGlass, ceramics and natural stone form the basis for the highly efficient biological filtration. Due to a high temperature process, a highly porous surface is generated. It is optimally suited for the colonization of filter bacteria. Compared to other ceramic biofilters, it is 3 to 5 times more efficient. This leads to a more stable water quality and to a better ecological balance.
3. Mechanical – A multi-layered sponge is used as pre-filter. It quickly absorbs the impurities in the water and it cleans effectively the suspended sediment.

The patented design and the structure allow a high density of nitrifying bacteria. This results in efficient filter performance, a longevity of the filter and easy handling during cleaning.

For use, plug the air hose on the connecting piece. Use a proper branded air pump to ensure better output and efficient filtration rate.

Filtration Calculator:
150L filter model – For tanks up to 150 Litres with a filtration rate of more than 400 Litre /h.
350L filter model – For tanks up to 350 Litres with a filtration rate of more than 1000 Litre /h.

This filter can be used in place of external filtration systems with frequent water changes.

Packaging sizes: 150L filter (item no. 30085) and 350L filter (item no. 30086)

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150 Litre – 400L/h output, 350 Litre – 1000L/h output

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Perfect product

I was searching for a sponge filter to place in my wild discus tank first I preferred xinyou green sponge and was searching for the original one but suddenly from no where popped up the discusfood and it is doing the perfect work it is meant for. Thanks to aquadiscus