DiscusX GrowX3 – Nursing pellet 1mm (For fish size 9-15 cm)

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DiscusX GrowX3 – Sinking type(1mm pellet size) for every Discus Professional Hobbyists & Raisers with pellet size of 1mm. With selected highly digestible raw materials and high quality marine proteins. Awesome taste for great palatability!!

DiscusX GrowX3 – Nursing pellet for every Discus Professional Hobbyists & Raisers

Contents: Protein 50% min, Lipid 10% min, Fiber 2.5% max, Moisture 10% max.
Feeding advice: The food can be fed alone or in combination with other food. Feed the food daily in small portions.

Packaging sizes: 20g pack (item no. DXGX320g), 100g tin (DXGX31000g), 250g pack (item no. DXGX3250g) and 500g pack (item no. DXGX3500g)

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