Fluval – M Series Heater


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Fluval – M Series Heater – Reliable heating system that produces consistent water temperature.

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Fluval – M Series Heater – Reliable heating system that produces consistent water temperature.


Whether in nature or in an aquarium, fish are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and can suffer from immune system shock if sudden shifts occur.

Investing in a reliable heating system that produces consistent water temperature will help ensure the well being of your livestock. Combining reliable Italian construction, an ultra-slim design and a reflective mirrored finish that blends in seamlessly with surrounding environments, M heaters are a welcomed departure from traditional, more bulky designs.

  • A sleek, streamlined profile occupies less aquarium space while providing exceptional performance and reliability.
  • M series heaters feature a heat and shock resistant borosilicate glass exterior that reflects surrounding aquarium colors, allowing them to blend in with the environment and enhance overall aesthetics.
  • Within the tube itself you’ll find a computer-calibrated thermostat, which undergoes a 16-point quality assurance program for superior temperature precision.
  • Precise temperature setting: Covers temperature range 19 – 30 °C
  • Package contents: safety heater-stat, 3 years guarantee. For registration please visit: fluvalaquatics.com/warranty
  • The Fluval M series Submersible Aquarium Heater is guaranteed for defective parts and workmanship for a period of 3 year. We reserve the right to repair or replace, at our option. This guarantee excludes damage, breakage of the glass tube or injuries resulting from negligence or other misuse. This warranty does not include responsibility for animate or inanimate matter contained in the aquarium and is limited to the heater unit only. This appliance is factory sealed, tampering will void warranty.

Choose the right variant for your tank:

  • M50 – For 50 litre tank (28 cm length)
  • M100 – For 100 litre tank (28 cm length)
  • M150 – For 150 litre tank (33 cm length)
  • M200 – For 200 litre tank (33 cm length)
  • M300 – For 300 litre tank (38 cm length)

Packaging sizes: M50 (item no. A781), M100 (item no. A782), M150 (item no. A783), S200 (item no. A784), S300 (item no. A787)

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M100, M150, M200, M300, M50

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A Good Heater

A good heater for a 300 litre tank.