Discusfood Pleco and Catfish Carni Wafers

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Pleco and Catfish Carni Wafers – The perfect feast for your Pleco series and catfish types.

Pleco and Catfish Carni Wafers – The perfect feast for your Plecos

Contents: Crude protein 41%, crude fat 4.8%, crude fiber 4.8%, crude ash 11.5%.
Additives per kg: Vitamins, provitamins and substances that have a similar effect: 20000 IU, 1500 IU D3, E150 mg, 150 mg C, B1 7.5 mg, B2 10 mg, 50 mg B3, B6 6 mg, 0, 25 mg, folic acid 2.5 mg, choline chloride 300 mg, inositol 250 mg, pantothenic acid 25 mgl. Trace elements: E1 – iron sulfate, monohydrate 24 mg, E2 – potassium iodide 0.3 mg, E4 – copper sulphate, pentahydrate.
Ingredients: Bacterial protein from corynebacterium glutamicum, cereals, wheat protein, vegetables, insects (10%), krill (MSC certified, 10%), algae, daphnia, brine shrimp, minerals, red salmon oil.
Feeding advice: The food can be fed alone or in combination with other food. Feed the food daily in small portions.

Packaging sizes: 50g bag (item no. 23002), 150g bag (item no. 23022)

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