sera Discus Granules Nature

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sera Discus Granules Nature – Staple food of sinking type for all Discus with Garlic, Krill(4%) and prebiotically effective ingredients, that ideally round off the easily digestible, tasty composition.

sera – Discus Granules Nature


sera Discus Granules Nature is the staple food without dyes and preservatives consisting of gently manufactured soft granules for all discus fish (including fry) and other demanding ornamental fish.

Disease resistance, healthy development as well as fertility are strengthened by optimally digestible aquatic protein and ingredients rich in minerals. Garlic and prebiotically effective ingredients ideally round off the easily digestible, tasty composition.

The sinking granules quickly becomes soft without swelling or losing its shape when moist. Thus the water is not polluted.

Contents: Min. Crude Protein 50.4%, Min. Crude Fat 8.5%, Max. Crude Fiber 4.5%, Max. Moisture 6.0%, Max. Crude Ash 9.3%.

Additives per kg: Vitamins and provitamins: Vit. A 16,800 IU/lb., Vit. D3 820 IU/lb., Vit. E (D, L-α-tocopheryl acetate) 54 IU/lb., Vit. B1 16 mg/lb., Vit. B2 41 mg/lb., Stabilized Vit. C (L-ascorbyl monophosphate) 250 mg/lb.

Ingredients: fish meal, wheat flour, wheat germ, brewers yeast, Ca-caseinate, krill (4%), wheat gluten, fish oil (containing 49% omega fatty acids), gammarus, Haematococcus algae, mannan oligosaccharides, green-lipped mussel, stinging nettle, herbs, alfalfa, parsley, garlic, sea algae, paprika, spirulina, spinach, carrots.

Feeding advice: The food can be fed alone or in combination with other food. Feed the food daily in small portions. It is recommended to use this Discus food along with other Discusfood pellet feeds in the per day meal in every alternative schedule.

Packaging sizes: 42g tin (item no. 00300), 105g tin (item no. 00305) and 420g tin (item no. 00307)

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Customer Reviews

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Older discus are eating it nicely

Mukeshh S
5 star

Excellent product

Good Food Right suggestions

For many previous days i have been feeding my discus frozen artimea and tetra bite. Was skeptical how they would receive it. But to my surprise the moment it sinked at bottom even my most shy kid vouched on this.
Thanks aqua discus for recommendation.
Didnt need to follow up blue dart consignment number was usefull.

Only request would be price discount as same rpoduct on amazon is a bit less and delivery is also free which doesnot happen with Aquq Discus. Hope they take this positively and make hobbyist happy.
Thanks aqua discus team.


This is a very good product from Sera. Well all the products provided by AQUADISCUSINDIA is of number one quality and the services that they is exceptional. They would suggest only the products that they have used and found to be good. Great work guys

Shailesh Mehta
Original Sera Fish pellets

My discus fish pounce on it. Before I started this feed they were sluggish but this feed made them active and strong in just 2 weeks. Go for it.

Best Discus Food no colour enhancement best for Overall health & growth of Discus

This is one of the best Discus food for overall health & growth. No preservatives & enhancement added.
I visited first time on Aqua Discus India website. One stop solution for Discus keeping products. Website is ease to use & product was delivered before estimated delivery. 👇below is Unboxing video. I would appreciate if Aqua Discus India adds functionality of referral links on their website
Unboxing Discus Food | Aqua Discus India | Aquarium Planet

Nobby Antony
Finally found the right feed source for my discus.

Perfect place for discus food and excellent and efficient delivery system.