Tropical – KEGEL Spawning Cone


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Tropical KEGEL Spawning Cone – Surface being slightly rough, increases the adhesion of eggs laid by discus and it is very easy to disinfect. Height – 10.2 inches & Diameter – 4.5 inches


Tropical – KEGEL Spawning Cone

Description: Spawning cone for discus is made of safe and convenient plastic. KEGEL provides exceptional stability even during most intensive spawning periods. This stability is the effect of correct proportions applied on the basis of many years of discus breeders’ experience. Its surface is slightly rough, which increases the adhesion of eggs laid by discus. Its material is very easy to disinfect.

Usage: The cone should always be thoroughly scalded in hot water before being placed in the aquarium.

Packaging sizes: Cone (item no. 84001)

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