TWINSTAR Air Diffuser

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Twinstar Air Diffuser – Finest microbubbles for an improved O2 distribution. Microbubbles last longer in the water, increasing its oxygen capacity. Package includes Diffuser, 2 way air control valve and Suction Cup.

Twinstar Air Diffuser – Finest microbubbles for an improved O2 distribution.


The Twinstar Air Diffuser reinvents and enhances the traditional method of oxygen supply in an aquarium by upgrading the concept and aesthetic into an elegant instrument. Made by hand, these diffusers has gone through 10 processes to achieve the best quality and final product to live up to the established Twinstar standard. With sand brown stone and acrylic design with high transparency as glass, these diffusers are manufactured with ultra-precision molds for an enhancing design.

The Twinstar “New Style” diffuser uses ultra-fine porosity ceramic stone to produce super fine bubbles. It generates smaller Micro-bubbles for improved O2 distribution and will last longer in the water, which increases its oxygen solubility efficiency.

It is made of high-quality acrylic with transparency like glass while retaining higher impact strength than glass for better shatter resistance.  Therefore it is not easy to crack like other cheaply made glass diffusers when separating from the aquarium for a cleaning. With the unique ceramic stone and Acrylic bonding technologies, they are durable enough to withstand high pressure for extended reliability.

  • Microspore ceramic stone produces ultra-fine bubbles.
  • Microbubbles will last longer in the water, increasing the oxygen solubility efficiency.
  • Transparent acrylic design &  Shatter-proof.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • O2 is key for healthy fishes.
Size   Diameter   Aquarium Size
Medium   19mm Upto 60L
Large   24mm Over 180L

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Ashok Grinde

Amazing visual treat in the aquarium! A must for any aquarium enthusiast.