DiscusX Protect X (Chloramine-T) – All Round Disinfectant


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DiscusX Protect X – Effective for freshwater and marine aquariums disinfecting fish, fish eggs, external pathogens, nets, tanks, ponds and equipments. Effective against Egg and Body fungus, External Parasites, Gill and Body Flukes, White Spot(ICH), Velvet, Fin rot, Whitish peeling slime coat,  Viruses.


DiscusX Protect X – Tank & Pond Disinfectant for tank equipments

Description: Protect X contains Chloramine-T which is employed as an essential and reliable disinfectant for fish for many years with its good efficacy and low toxicity to fish, shrimp and aquatic environments. Chloramine-T is used in salt, brackish and fresh water environments.

All-round disinfectant disinfection of tanks and ponds, nets, equipment. Chloramine-T ensures that pathogenic microorganisms are rapidly and effectively destroyed. Safe in use As with any biocide protection measures are required, but can be handled by using standard personal equipment. Chloramine-T is the safe alternative for traditional and more dangerous chemicals. It is nontoxic for fish and shrimp at effective dosage and does not leave residues in the animals. Safe for the environment with its readily biodegradable action, is the safe alternative for dangerous chemicals does not accumulate in river beds and is not toxic to the aquatic environment. Efficiency Chloramine-T is effective against many microorganisms related to aquaculture applications. A few of them are indicated below, but the complete activity spectrum of Chloramine-T is much wider.

Bacteria Aeromonas salmonicida (Furunculosis) Flexibacter maritimus (Marine columnaris) Flavobacterium branchiophilum (BGD) Flavobacterium columnaris (Columnaris) Vibrio anguillarum (Vibriosis) Vibrio harveyi

Viruses Hemorrhagic septicemia virus

Fungi Saprolegnia

Parasites Gyrodactylus salaris Ichthyobodo necator (Costia) Ichthyophthirius multifilis (White spot) Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis (Amoebic Gill Disease) Trematodes

Use when: To disinfect fish, fish eggs, external pathogens, nets, tanks, ponds and equipments. Effective against Egg and Body fungus, External Parasites, Gill and Body Flukes, White Spot(ICH), Velvet, Fin rot, Whitish peeling slime coat,  Viruses.


Please use this table to identify the correct dose based on your water conditions

Caution: This step is very important; you need to know the pH and GH of your water to determine the safe dose level. Using a high dose than what is allowed based on your pH/GH level may cause serious damage or death to the fish. If in doubt or on the boarder go for the lower concentration.
Discus and koi short bath: First step prepare dilute PROTECT X stock solution by dissolving 2 level spoons (included) or 2g -using weight measurement is much more accurate- of PROTECT X powder in one liter of water mix well until completely dissolved. Place the fish in a tub with clean water (with no chlorine or chloramine and without any chlorine removal chemicals) add an air stone for aeration. Add the amount indicated in the table above for every 10 liters.
Keep the fish in the bath for a maximum of 5 hours, keep an eye on the fish during this period. If you notice signs the fish can’t tolerate the bath anymore, remove it to its aquarium. This bath can be repeated daily up to 5 days.
Example If your water has pH 7.0 and GH = 6 dH, then the corresponding dose is 50ml from the stock solution to every 10 Liter. If your bath is 30L you will add 50ml for every 10L = 50×3 = 150ml.
Discus long bath: Add 1 level spoon (included) or 1g PROTECT X powder to every 330L of aquarium water. This will produce a concentration of 3mg/L. Use this bath for 24hrs followed by at least 90% water change and can be repeated up to 4 consecutive days.
Other ornamental fish: PROTECT X has not been tested extensively on other ornamental fish so it is advised to practice caution, try lower concentration first and keep an eye on the fish. At first signs of distress end the treatment. Here again water hardness as well as pH are two important parameters to consider to adapt the concentration to your own conditions. Always make a small test first.

Tank disinfection: During the production stops, it is of major importance to thoroughly clean and disinfect the tanks and ponds when they are empty to avoid contamination of the next production lot. Start by cleaning to remove the organic matter and then disinfect by spraying or rinsing with a 1% PROTECT X solution (or with a 2% in case of heavy contamination).

How to prepare 1-2% solution: Dissolve 1 spoon (1g) for every 100ml water (for 2% use 2 spoons).

Equipment disinfection: Spray all equipment used in the fish farm with a 1% PROTECT X solution or dipped the equipment into the PROTECT X solution for 30 min.

Net disinfection: A 1-2% PROTECT X solution is used for net disinfection, with a contact time of 30 min.
pH Soft Water (GH <6°dH) ml/10L Hard Water (GH >6°dH) ml/10L 6.0 12.5 35 6.5 25 50 7.0 50 75 7.5 90 90 8.0 100 100
Stagnant fresh water ponds/storage tanks: PROTECT X is added at a concentration of 3 ppm (3 g/1000L) once a week. Water pH and hardness are two important parameters to consider to optimize the PROTECT X concentration. As a rule, with acidic pH, a lower concentration should be used and with increasing water hardness, a higher PROTECT X concentration is recommended. Also, if using a biofilter in a recirculated water system, special attention must be taken.

Fish egg disinfection: To reduce surface contamination, fish eggs can be dipped in a 1 g/l PROTECT X solution for 1-5 min followed by a clean water wash. The time can change based on water condition and size of the eggs, it is better to do this dip in neutral to high pH and normal to hard water, rather than soft acidic water. Always start by the minimum time ad move upwards to get the maximum safe time.

20g treats upto 1660L Aquariums.


Store in a cool (room temperature) dry place, don’t place in a fridge to avoid water condensation on and inside the package in humid environments.



Packaging sizes: 20g bag (item no. 814204)

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