Fluval Biological Enhancer – Concentrated Biological Booster

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Fluval Biological Enhancer – Infused with a powerful team of beneficial bacteria, creating a safe, biological habitat for your fish. With this, you can add your fish immediately to the aquarium.

Fluval Biological Enhancer – Concentrated Biological Booster


Fluval Biological Enhancer Water Conditioner is a reactive, biological aquarium additive that ensures all aquariums are promptly infused with a powerful team of beneficial bacteria. This creates a safe, biological habitat for your fish.

These extremely effective microorganisms create a biological flora in which dangerous ammonia and nitrite are quickly converted, so that fish can be introduced into the aquarium immediately.

  • Instantly creates a safe biological aquarium environment
  • Powerful and reactive removal of ammonia and nitrite
  • Prevents the loss of fish
  • Allows the immediate use of fish
  • Bio-Floc technology ensures product stability and efficacy, devoid of any contaminants
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums

It is recommended that Fluval Biological Water Conditioner be used during the break-in phase of new aquariums. Regular use will help prevent the build up of unwanted bacteria in the aquarium.

Dosage Calculator:

Dosage for new aquariums:

Day 1: 25 ml to 40 l water
Day 2: 10 ml to 40 l water
Day 3: 10 ml to 40 l water
Dosing after adding fish or medication: 10 ml to 40 l water
The weekly dose for regular maintenance and to maintain a strong beneficial bacterial colony: 5ml to 40L of water
The 120ml bottle treats 900L of water


I would like to condition the water in a new aquarium with no fish using decomposing food or ammonia. Can I use the Fluval Cycle Biological Water Purifier with this option?

Yes. However, we do not recommend any of these methods. The dosing of ammonium chloride usually leads to very high concentrations of ammonia, which prolongs the cycle and contributes to additional unnecessary pollution. If you already have a healthy aquarium, take out a portion of your run-in filter media and dose with the Fluval Cycle Biological Water Conditioner.

Why should I regularly dose my pool with Fluval Cycle Biological Water Conditioner?

With Fluval Cycle Biological Water Purifier, you help create a safe, biologically stable environment by providing beneficial, nitrifying bacteria. Without regular dosing of this product, less desirable bacteria can become dominant in your aquarium and ammonia and nitrite spikes can occur as well as disease. However, if you dose this product once a week, you ensure optimal conditions, especially during water changes and filter media replacement.

How do nitrifying bacteria survive in the closed tank of the Fluval Cycle biological water purifier?

The bacteria were put into a dormant state before being bottled. This dormant state allows them to survive on minimal food and oxygen supplies. The bacteria are activated very quickly after being placed in the aquarium.

Why are those small beige particles floating through my aquarium after I’ve used the Fluval Cycle Biological Water Conditioner?

These particles are called bio-flakes and they help create a safe environment for your fish. According to the instructions for use, you should shake the bottle well before use to dose the organic flakes with each use.

I’ve been breaking in my aquarium for several weeks and have high nitrite levels. How can I counteract this?

We recommend adding a double dose of Fluval Cycle Biological Water Conditioner to the water after performing a 50% water change. At this point, a 50% water change or two should reduce the nitrite levels sufficiently and ensure that the bacteria dosed are keeping the nitrite levels down.

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