Discusfood Natural Humin – For Black Water effect & Spawning Readiness

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Natural Humin for your Wild Discus & Wild Caught fish species – Developed and optimized for fishes out of blackwater-biotopes to produce black water effect, protecting mucous membrane and intestinal walls of the fishes, decreasing the infection pressure caused by parasites, algae and fungi by creating the Amazon river effect. With Natural Humin, simple tap water becomes natural fish water.

Brand – Discusfood Germany

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Natural Humin – Pure natural German humin

Natural Humin contains high-purity humic substances, which are produced for aquaristic and pond. The high-purity crude products are pharmaceutically permitted.

  • Natural Humin absorbs pollutants, especially heavy metals in the water.
  • The slightly tanning effect provides optimal protection of mucous membranes.
  • Fungus forming on the spawn is prevented.
  • Healing processes are accelerated.
  • Natural Humin hinders the growth of parasites, algae and fungi. The infection pressure is reduced.
  • Natural humic acids give a yellow to brown color of the water. Depending on dosage, a black water effect is produced.
  • Natural Humin is pH-neutral.
  • Natural Humin was developed and optimized for animals out of blackwater-biotopes.
  • Support of the calcium balance especially in soft water biotopes and strengthening of the immune system.
  • Increase in spawning readiness of discus fish, invertebrates and all other fish.
  • Support of healing processes at lesions and wounds
  • Yellow/brown coloring, the black water effect

Usage: Natural Humin is safe and easy to use, even a high dosage does not cause damage to fish or to plants. General dosage for new tanks is 10 ml per 100 l, depends on the desired coloring. If required dose weekly 6 ml per 100 l.

Learn more: Article about humic substances

Packaging sizes: 125 ml bottle (item no. 25102) for 1250 ltrs, 500 ml bottle (item no. 25105) for 5000 ltrs, 5000 ml canister (item no. 25150) for 50000 ltrs

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